Friday, October 30, 2009

cotton candy, twizzlers, double mocha coffee, more twizzlers, and some laffytaffy...

Yea...that's what I have had today. I am hyped on sugar. I need to take a shower...but I just can't seem to get upstairs to do it lol. So not much really going on.
Um...Halloween is tomorrow! Super psyched. Even tho I don't have any plans yet :[ But I will make the best of it for sure.

I get to wear my ears and tail tomorrow ^.^ One day out of the year I am not a complete totally freak. ....Altho some may argue that I am a bit too "old" to dress up on halloween. You know what I say to them...Whatev...I mean really? Pull your undies outta your bum cheeks!

Oh and I am excited about candy...I am going to see if I can't pick up a few peices. I can totally pull off 15. Which is the age limit on trick or treating. Which I think is just plain stupid.

I really don't know what else I can write about. Update: So I can't bring myself to break up with T-cat. I have concluded to just roll with the boat.

I swear there was something else I was going to blog about...but I really can't think of any one thought right now lol so Ciao!

Monday, October 19, 2009

~Edens Fantasy~

So I love purple....and fur....and you would think this cuff set would be a perfect fit.

Just so happens that CrazyMomseye. is having a 25$ giveaway to Edens Fantasy !! Check it out....but don't enter toooo many times...I still want a chance ^.-

There are also other blogs doing this too. Seems there are a lot of blogs actually. I am just a blog noob and had no clue lol.

.Nuclear Waffles.

Alrighty now. Let me tie up some loose ends. First off, I had a request for more info on T-cat. Second I realized that I asterisked something in my last post but never got back around to explain it.


Last post I asterisked redflags of myspace. See on myspace you can view anyones profile (as long as they don't have it set to private) so if you think you might get along with a person you can message them and/or friend request them. Seriously I get like 5-6 friend request a week. Mostly guys. So how do I sort the creepy creepers from the average joe? The redflags of myspace. Basically its a checklist I go through when checking someones profile before I message them back or accept their request.

1)first scan their page really quick. Do they have legit hobbies, interests, etc etc? Do they actually talk about themselves in the about me section...and not just about their looks or how the ladies like em?
2)Then check out their friends list. Seriously if they have more than 1k friends...denied. If most of their friends are young sexy ladies....denied.
3)Check out their pictures. I hate to sound judgey but really, if they look like a creeper with the typical I-want-to-take-you-to-my-basement smile...they are prob a creeper...or if they just have a bunch of sexy poses or half nakie pictures.

So if you are a guy and want to be my myspace friend, you have to pass all these things. Then again some are most obvious. I once got a request and a message from a guy, so I check out his profile. No kidding this is what his about me said:
I am a college student who is doing an experiment. I want you to send me a topless picture of yourself with some information. I go to ******* college and I am testing a theory about the self confidence of different women and how they relate to ethic groups and age. So please send a picture of torso up, topless, and include age, ethic group and some background info. I would appreciate this a lot! I need lots of them for a good experiment! Please help me with this project and you can be part of a scientific breakthrough!
...REALLY??? I mean geeze the legitimacy is just dripping from this. I just wonder if he actually got any. I guess in guy terms, if he just got one it would have been worth it. The real scary part? He already had 3 chick friends...hmm...I hope to gholy cows they were just adding him to boost their friend numbers.

Anyway so T-cat passed all the redflag testing. He texted me one day and we decided to go see a movie (ALWAYS meet ANY stranger from ANY website or newpaper or whatnot in a PUBLIC PLACE....thats todays Maggies-Helpful-Hint ^.-) We went to go see 9 which was fantastical btw. He was a complete gentleman. He even held my hand halfway through..very cute.

Well he is great guy. He likes to do what I like to do. He even skinned a squirrel with me. I got him into letterboxing and he loves to hike. He makes me laugh and he is typically fun to be around.
....BUUUUTTTT there is always torns on every rose. For one I am very paranoid that he is cheating on me. Just a few incidents made me feel very uneasy. I can chalk some of it up to just me being cheated on so many times I may be looking for reasons...but not all of it. But I can't be sure.
Also its hard for me to have a serious talk at all with him. He just doesn't take anything seriously. Its very frustrating!
Another think is he just the average joe. Thats not a bad thing at all. But he is just not the guy for me. He can't understand the whole furry thing. He is sooo not into sadomasochism. Which makes bedroom life sorta lame (it sucks!!!).
Worst of all I just not in love. You know that little spark you feel when you really really care about them? I don't have it, atleast anymore. I want to break up with him. But thats the kicker....

I.SUCK.AT.BREAK.UPS! Plainly put. I do. I find it so hard to break up with him. I think my wolf just has loyalty issues. Like just because I am not happy doesn't mean I should break up with him. I am torn yet again from wolf to human. *facedesk* uggghh. I just need to blurt it out before I can stop myself. Any tips?

Oh and here is a picture for you *heart*
Just because its been so rainy the past week (altho I see sun today!!!)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 I finally killed the beast that was guarding Blogger.......

Yeaaa. That is my excu...*cough* I mean reason. There was this horrendous beast with claws and fangs that tried to attack me every single time I tried to log on to Blogger. Its true. I mean the blood dripping from its razor sharp teeth deter me a little.

BUT! I finally slayed it. So no fear, Techno Ninja saved the day!

(So so so so sorry I haven't posted in awhile!)

Alright so there is plenty to talk about. One being I am sorta kinda ish dating this guy. I totally wasn't going to date him. But I am (I think) lol. Let me explain a little more so that confuzzled look you have may leave your face :)

So I met this guy on myspace. When I say met I mean I added him as a friend after I checked over his profile for the usual creeper redflags*. His name is ....we will call him T-cat. Everyone calls him that (no they don't).

SO I added him. Then like maybe two weeks later he texted me. (mind you we had has no other moment of talking to each other and now three weeks later I am so confuzzled ....

Wait why the crap am I telling you about my boring sorta kinda maybe dating life????? I know why you are here and what I need to give you--BUTTERFLIES!! I promised you updates like a freaking month ago and I have just kept putting them off. NO MORE tho. Here they are with wonderful commentary from biologist wannabe me (I will get back to him another day if I am still sorta ish with him lol):
So as you know we started out with this:
What a cutie :3 This little bugger and its sibling nommed nommed and nommed some more on milkweed leaves for about a week and a half.
And this is what I found:
The one getting darker is the one that was already in its crystalist when I got the caterpillars. Its gets darker when they change from a piller to a butter.
And it slowly got darker as the days went by and when I say darker, I mean more clear:
By this point I sit my bum down with the camera and wait. Annnyyy hour its going come out. Well of course I get all distracted and I miss the darn thing popping out, but I got the second after:
At this point it has to let its wings fill with blood and drop to its full length
Here is the moment it dropped its back wings. I was waiting for it to start pumping them so I could see the gender:
See if there is two little dots on the inside of the wings then its a male:
We have a boy!!
Then I released it when it started fluttering around
The other two my mom let go before I got pictures or saw the genders. Since they were changed so late, hopefully they will be part of the group of monarchs that migrate to mexico. ^.^