Wednesday, September 16, 2009

..pst....yes you....come here...

Guess what?!

.....Actually this isn't a surprise to my 2 followers I will skip the dramatics and just say to those who are reading this and are too mean to follow me: I gots a tattoo.

Now my 2 followers (who just happen to be my sister and my bestfriend) probally already know that I have been wanting to get one..for like forever. So for a little b-day present to myself, I got one ^.^ I got a wolf paw print on my hip.

I went all by myself too. It was such a growing up thing lol. I was sooooooooooo nervous. I pulled up the place I was getting it and just sorta sat there for a moment. I finally got the nerve to go in where I was greeted with a smile and before I knew it I was signing the papers with a shaky hand.

The guy who did it got all the stuff together while I wandered around looking at all the pics on the walls. Then he called me over and put the stencil thingy on me and pressed it on. So here I have my pants unbuttoned and pulled down below my hip which basically is wet paint on me....he tells my to go wonder again...Really?? Lol, so I nonchalantly walk around near the wall with my pants hanging off me >.<

Well he gets it all set up and sterilized, got me to lay down and get comfy, and started up the gun. So I am about to freak at this point. But I just kept telling myself that its worth it and I can do it. He then positioned the gun riiiight over my hip bone. "Wait wait..Do you have to start there? I mean that is the most painful right?"...He just looked at me as the tattoo noob I am (*cough*...was) and blatanly replied "Um....yea...its the closest to me". Gee because that seems like a darn golly ol good reason. *glare*

So he starts.

I am not going to lie. It hurt. A lot. But it really isn't anything you can't grit your teeth thru. Which I did. A lot. I didn't look at it, I gritted my teeth, clenched my hands, and remembered to breath(*). It took about 40 minutes to complete and then it was DONE!



But I want to point out a few things I have learned on this journey.
1) At first I had no clue why people didn't use the numbing cream the have out there (they do have it!)..but now I understand that it really wouldn't be worth it if you didn't have the pain to go through. I guess the whole "No pain, No gain" is true for this one.
2) I have no respect for those who get tattoos that don't mean anything to them. In fact it sorta pisses me off now to see a little star or generic tramp stamp. I think for one, it degrades the tattoo shabang. I mean tattoos were created by tribes to convey meaning (either it be man hood, or showing which tribe you belonged to, etc, etc) So why would you get a tattoo that has no meaning??
3) Do a lot of research when getting something like this done. It really helps. I don't think I would have ever gotten it done if I didn't know what to expect. (*) thats where I got that tip from. If you hold your breath, you could pass out which would be B-A-D!
4) Tattoos are addictive lol. I already want more. I got an idea in my head the other night. I want to get the moon phases on my forearms. What do you think my 2 followers?

I got it as realistic as I could. Its about 3 1/2 inches (a rl one is about 4-5) and its not all perfect. I literally took it from a paw print identification book.


I will post the butterfly update soon. ^.^

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Has A Happy

Hey guys! So a little update then some pics on a little pet project I have going on ^.^

Not too much going on. Just school and friends.

....My Birthday! *sarcastically hits forehead* thats what I was going to tell you!

=D Yup! So as of yesterday I am 18. Yesterday was sorta a bummer tho. I had classes all day. I did get birthday spankings from my mom -.- geeze when is she going to grow up? ...I kid I kid, I love my mom to no end lol.
But yea. Sorta boring 9 hours of class. Then I was too tired to go out that night. I literally went to bed a few hours after getting home...and slept to 11:30 this morning!

..thats 11 hours!!! I never sleep that long! : x I blame it on my bed. It was too damn comfy this morning!...

Anyway, so I was planning on going to a friends house but he wouldn't respond to my texts. I thought he was sleeping. So for like 3 hours I sent him like 10 messages saying "Wake up!" or "*poke* lazy ass...get up!"....well after that 3 hours he texted me back saying he was in court :x oh my bad. geeze did i feel like an ass. Sometimes I wonder when my social skills are supposed to kick in. But I said I was sorry and he still invited me over *heart* and thats where I spent the evening. Loads of fun.

ok so this "pet project" I have going on. One of my moms coworkers stopped by and dropped this off:
(yes that pic was there for inspiration for them^.-)

Yup! I got three monarch caterpillars! Well really I got two caterpillars and one already in its little chystalist thingy.

There's one


There is the other.

The third was already hanging at the time of first picture taking.
But now look!!!

They are all hanging in their little chytsalists! They should become butterflies now *hearts*
Hopefully by next week the first one will pop out. I will def. get keep checking back for an update!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Techno Ninja had a Forking Good Weekend.

Geeze. I feel so bad for my um...*counts* 2 followers. I really haven't gotten on like I should have. The bad thing is that is not really about time...just that I get easily distracted >.<' So whats been going on? well I will tell you:

But let me rant really quickly.
Today has been a pretty sucky day. I mean I am still in a good mood, but only because I am me. So it started off with my class at 9 in the morning....gods that is way too damn early....and of course I wake up at the last minute. Well I get to school and go to park in the overflow parking. Its the closest to my building. ....oh but wait..its closed for some stupid reason. So I have to park waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the street on the other side of campus..arg. so I basically jogged to class.
And I broke my phone today, beheaded it actually.

OK rant is over. What has been going on?

*Hmm, my classes are still going pretty well. My FASFA isn't tho..seems I keep running into problem after problem with it.
*I am getting used to my car, can't say I love it like everyone said I would. I maybe like it just a little. ...but thats all!! lol. Yea, not driving it on the interstate yet tho.
*Finally got paid. Going to give most of it to my mom that I owe her for the car :/..but at least I have more then 3 dollars to my name now!

Oh and one important one...MY BIRTHDAY!!!! in 8 days! yay! I am going to be turning 18.
....geeze my porn sales are going to drop! no more "underage" titles, gosh where is my income going to come from now. Maybe "hot college girl" titles will help a little. man...i might have to find a
job now!....
I kid, I kid. Really, Just kidding.....O.o...or am I ?

I have decided I want some of that really cool 3D sidewalk caulk from crayola! That stuff is bang'n! weekend was amazing. I hung out with my friends and got very little sleep lol. Met a cool guy. He juggles ^.^ how sweet is that? the title "techno ninja" from said cool guy. I don't exactly know how it just did.I also got three new books. One of which I am reading called "the tutor" freakn sweet suspense novel. Really good..go get it lol

And that is a little bit of a catch-up. ^.^ Ciao!