Monday, August 24, 2009

Folders?Check! Paper?Check! Pen?Check! Purse?....Crap

First day of college! Yay!

Today I had two classes, English Composition 111 (1pm-2) and Intro to Computer Applications(3pm-4).

I was so nervous at first! I mean, I really don't need a reason to get uber-nervous, so I was uber uber-nervous. But I made it...although I was so nervous I left my purse in my memaw's car >.<

Alright, so my English class seems it might be a toufy. The teacher is nice, but she seems really stiff. She is really strict as far as grading. We are going to be doing 5 big essays this semester, including the final. ...but.. I know one person from cave spring in there and I do get along with him. And I met this other guy who seems pretty down to earth and easy going. From experience even the best of class are hell if you don't have a few people you can talk to. So in the event of a hard class...its a must!

My computer class seems like its going to be a hoot. The teacher is this guy from Africa. He has a heavy accent and he is quite the character. He told us he doesn't know that much about computers *raises eyebrow* hmm...ok. And that this class is just going to be for learning a thing or two about computers and he says he won't make it where it would stress us out at all. ...So its an easy by-the-book course. To make it better, there is pretty cool guy sitting next to me who is also going into wildlife biology ^.^ So I hope I can strike up some interesting convo.

Anywho. That was my day. Tomorrow I have to get up early and go for one class, my orientation class. TTFN!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What has four wheels, an engine, but I can't drive it?

My car! Yup, I got a nice new (used) car. Its a Honda Civic with a pretty blue color. The windows are uber-tinted. And its a manual.....*creepy tiny voice in background* oh but Maggie, you don't know how to drive a manual! ......gee thanks, I know!

I am learning tho. Holy Haloed Cows its so hard. There is like a billion things to remember! I think the hardest is remembering to put it in neutral to brake. To me that just doesn't seem like a good design. But oh well. So I have like four hours under my belt right now. Still hard.

Here is a pic of the brute:

Ok, so told you I would tell you about the bird watching and roasting hotdogs. Well after we picked up my bow, we drove out to this place, and no I can't tell you where...I don't remember where -.-'....and we stopped to roast hotdogs. Well notdogs really (I don't eat raised meat). I am so glad I brought my camera! There were two drozen or so differant mushrooms. There where just spouting everywhere!

Here some pics: (if you know any of these..comment me and tell me please!)


Two heads are better than one! This one also stank horrible!


Oh then we went to Tinkercreek and saw this!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


FINALLY! A post that is interesting! Today has been a dream really, I was speechless most of the day. So as you had heard I was getting a new bow made for me. Well I got it today! ....but let me tell you the whole story.

So my mom has been doing chemo for a while and she goes to the cancer center downtown to get it. She has been there 3 times now. Well last time we went a guy came in with all these REALLY cool bows to talk to our nurse. He explained that all the bows were hand made and I was like wow! They were gorgeous. One had a mink hand grip! So we talk for a little bit and I tell him that I shoot a bow. He seemed pretty impressed that I shot a 45 pound 60 inch recurve.

So as we talk to him and the nurse (who is making a bow for herself under his instruction) I find out that he makes bows, arrows, arrow heads, knives, yadadada...all handmade and most replicas of native american such. Even cooler is he makes most of them with tools he makes himself!

Anyway, so we part ways. Well about two weeks later my mom comes back from chemo and says hey I got a surprise for you. The man who had the bows wanted to make me one!

Well he went home that day we met and thought about his niece(?) that has a 17 year old daughter. Well his niece had cancer too. So he sorta knew how hard is was to have a mother going through all that he is and such and decided to make a bow for me.

If that isn't like the sweetest thing ever. It brings tears to my eyes to think of him. I don't feel worthy o.o' He even named it for me (since a lot of native americans named their bows) He named it Chemo-sabe from the lone ranger kemosabe. Its the chemo bow for short because of the chemo he and my mom are going through.

I went to his house today to pick them up...Here is some pics:

There is my new bow!! (sorry for such shitty lighting)It is 42 pounds and around 50 inches. It is a "stick bow" which is one of the most common bows the Native Americans used since it was easy to make. Mine differs a little since it does have an arrow rest on in. (It falls under the long bow category)

Here is a close up on that arrow rest.

The wood its made out of is osage-orange. It will darken as it is exposed to light, but in my opinion it looks gorgeous dark or light! (He showed me what it will look like)

He signed it and dated it. His friend also signed it as he helped him a lot making it. (I blurred out their last names know...stalkers and such and to protect their privacy...)

Oook so there was my bow. But I also got a tour of their house...which was like a MUSEUM!! They had sooo much in there...I snapped a few pics of course:

He had a big table of stuff. He had stuff he made and stuff he had found on the various trips he went on. The ones in the case here he had made. He also made the clay pots and fired them himself!

The arrow heads in this case are some that he had found. That dagger you see? Well that was one that he had made. He made another one just like it and his friend killed a boar with it.

Here are some more that he made...seriously there were like ten of these cases!

Yea, that is a spear! A frigging spear for goodness sake!! How cool is that?!? (I got to hold it tehe)

Here is a bow that he made. Beautiful huh?

More bows that he made.

This is his war plaque. He really is such a neat guy.

So huh? I was speechless the whole time. I so want to sorta dedicate this post for him since he is such a special guy. I have found out that he is 72 years old. He had cancer in the throat and various other places. He has blood clots and he has to be fed through a feeding tube :,[ He gets three days of treatment every three weeks. (thats a lot of stuff to go through and it is really hard on the body)...Oh and icing on the cake, he did TWO tours in vietnam!! I mean he going through all that stuff in his life and he took his time to make me that bow. *teary eye*

After we left his house we went birdwatching and found a place to make a fire and roast veggie hotdogs. I got some great pics there too...but that will be tomorrow ^.^

Friday, August 14, 2009

No news is good news right?

Wow. Sorry guys I haven't put up a new post in a while. I mean I have been busy! I adopted a blind dog, I helped the old lady down the street put up shelves, I put out a fire at a burning children's hospital, and can't forget today I plan to end world hunger with cookies and milk. Homemade cookies for everyone!!

Yea. I lie....I have been lazing around the house. Sorry.

Lets see, what did happen this week? Hmmm...well... Oh! my sister came over on tuesday ( ) and brought my two nephews over. Ollie has a tooth! And like normal I am the last to hear about it : / He is also walking when he holds on to things! Geeze they are growing up so much.

So they came over and my memaw came over (that my mom's mom for those non-southeners lol) and my brothers girlfriend came over. It was such a big thing we moved the lawn furniture in the house and turned the ac If that doesn't sound redneck.

Yea and thats the gist of my week. Its been hot and sorta boring.

I am still looking for a car and somewhere to buy my college books cheap. <- thats my goal by then end of next week. Cuz thats when classes start! I am excited!

Oh and you know what else I am excited for? Sunday! I am getting a present ^.^ A new bow! But I will post that later so I can post pics of it < 3

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sorry I haven't been able to post in the past few days. It is not like I have been terribly busy, just not much going on to post about *shrugs*

Well one thing I did do is clean my room. In the past few weeks I have been working 10 hours or so a day, coming home just to strip and hop into bed. Well my poor room has just been neglected and used! There were piles of boxes from the stuff I took out of my old car (like a month ago 0:) and clothes strewn everywhere.

...You like that word? strewn. I do. I am going to strive to used that word more. strewn. Anyways, pardon me, I do digress...

Here is an after picture:

What?! What is that you see? FLOOR? No way! ...... -.- yea, It was that bad. I couldn't step on regular floor. It became a game of "find your way to the bed without stepping on something hazardous". Fun game. You should play it one day.
Yea, sadly I didn't get a before pic. I really didn't think about it. I just wanted it clean!

So yea, that took two days. I have been off work so not much else has happened. I got chiggers, but you really don't want to hear about that.

Oh! Yea I was watching Family Guy and you know Brian's ditzy gf he had/has? Well Stewie was talking about how she does that thing where she puts emphasis on the last words of the sentence like its a question. And Brian starts doing it....well now I get stuck talking like that everytime I think of it!!!! Arg! My life....

Thats about it. Sorry I am not more interesting *shrugs*

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The lesser of the two evils.

Wow. Busy busy. So yesterday I get off work and my "cooperative worker" asks me to doggie sit for her. OF COURSE I WILL! I love doing easy fun work like that ...pardon, I do digress...Ok, so I plan for a fantastical friday evening with a few friends I have been dying to get together with and then stay out late making trouble, then go back to my "cooperative worker's" house and stay over so I can, you know, doggie sit.

Well, I get off work all excited. Then I find out that out of the two that I wanted/planned to see, one got food poisoning and the other got called back into work. ARG! My life sometimes!

Anyways, So I call my friend katie from and pick her up so we could hang out at the mall. ...OH! I saw this reallllllyy hot/cute/IWouldSoTapHer chick at Hot Topic. *drool* We were glancing at each other the whole time I was in there. We def. had something. Too bad I was too scared to go up there and talk to her. ..Last time I did that whole "flirting" thing at hot topic it didn't end well but pardon me, I do digress....So I ask a friend that works there what her status was. You know what he said? "She told me she wishes she was bi" WTH does that mean????? Its like saying "I wish I had a different religion" um? You feel one way or you don't. IDK

So we finish hanging out at the mall around 7ish, go to her house to pick stuff up. Go to my "cooperative worker's" house and doggie sit. I let the pup out, fed it, give it a treat and then we ordered pizza with a coupon. (Snaz deal too, extra large for 10 dollars..hella yea) We watch Soul Plane and eat. Go to bed.

And when I say go to bed, I mean get ready and snuggle up and pretend we are going to bed by saying goodnight, then 2 minutes later start a simple convo and don't stop talking til 1 in the morning!!

Thats all peachy but I had to take my D.I.P (driving improvement program) class today. Geeze-la-weeze. 8 hours of sitting there listening to lecturing. It was a couple who ran it. The guys was ok, but his wife annoyed the crap outta me for some reason. I guess it was because she talked to us (us as in the 21+ years old group plus me) as if we were 10!

And sadly that class put me in a really bad mood. Maybe since I only had like 4 hours of sleep and sitting there listening to what sign colors mean just don't mix. So I am in this gawd-awful grouchy mood.

It doesn't help its all cloudy outside. It was pretty when I had to be shut in a freezing cold, no windows, small room. Grr.

Sorry. I know miss meanie pants here. Well I can fix my mood. I have a bowl of spinach in the microwave and I am going to eat it while watching family guy and the simpsons : )


There is another pic for you from me with love. *heart*

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm looking for the tits.

Lol. So the title will mean nothing to you, but hopefully it made you giggle, or at least slightly interested in the post.

If its the later, I am sorry. Because not much interesting happened today. I went to work and then on my "break" I went to best buy with my "co-operative worker" (lol not co worker....) She needed to buy a T.V

Oh guess what? Maggie the old-skool-because-she-can't-afford-new-skool wolf might be getting an Ipod!!!!! Which in my opinion is about time! My "co-operative worker" might be giving me her old one cuz she wants a Ipod touch. If she does...I am going to go berserk! Any MP3 player would be better then my crappy piece of junk I have. It was cool when I first got it. But here 4 years later: its missing 2/3rds of its original body, the only way to turn it on was sticking a small object in the hole where the power button used to be, and once on, you couldn't touch/move/ breath on it or it would turn off :/

So an Ipod would rock my world. You know what else rocked my world? O.M.G.S they have like amazing fucking bass !! I am talking like it vibrates on your ears! ..........then you see the price *gaspfaint* thats more then a freaking TV!

And then we were walking out of the store and on a demo t.v flash the word "tits" only to be corrected with a jab from my "co-operative worker" in the ribs and told it said "its this" and she said I am just looking for tits. Lol, so true.

We go back to work. Eat dinner together and I am back at home. Snaz.

Here is a complimentary photo for you reading....
I will try to put more up here since I love my camera and love the photos that I take ^.^

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

College Bound!!

So I am officially un-officially registered for my classes at Virginia Western Community College! Oh I am so happy. All I need to do is pay and I will be officially registered *squee*

I go to work this morning, then head over to VWCC with my mom. (She had to go since I am under 18 and she had to sign stuff for me). First I have to take my placement test. Fun fun right? It wasn't too bad though. I zipped through the english and reading (I less then 3 english tests) and then hit the math.

And I mean hit hard.

Holy haloed cows it was hard. Most of it was percentage work. Ugh! So half I had forgotten how to do. The other half was horrible since all we could work with was a simple computer calculator.

Lol. Alright fun times here: I am taking the math and hit the square root section. Fuck. I totally didn't memorize my square roots last year! I had always used the calculator. So I am thinking. "Mannnnn, this sucks! Stupid simple calculator!" and cursing everytime 75 etc. came up. Wellllll luck has it, near the end of the test I see this tiny button in the corner next to the divison sign that says "SQRT" ...What the hell is that?....No...It can't be...Damn it....It is....Its the fucking square root button.

I mean really? And the old-timers get after the young'ens for using stuff like brb and ttyl. SQRT? How was my test-stressed brain supposed to register that as the square root button? At first glance I think "Squirt? Squart? what?....anyways...

So I get 99 on reading, 90 on English, 80 on pre-algebra, 50 on algebra (x.x thx SQRT!) and 59 on college algebra. I was told by several people there that my reading and english were excellant ^.^ I was like dhuh! (ok not really...I just blushed and said thanks!)

So time to register for classes.
We go from TLC to chapman hall and wait. Then go into counseling and wait. Then go to admissions and then the financial center. Find out my FASFA didn't go thru! Got that taken (sorta) care of.

And that brings me here. Back at home. I am planning taking my Memaw to VWCC to pay soon. I can't do it tomorrow cuz I gotta work. And that ends this post because I gots nothing else to write ^.^ Ciao!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Blog

Yup. What you are reading is true. Believe it or not.

And I really don't care if you do or not.

Maggie is creating a blog. Wow. And maybe, just maybe, she might keep this one going longer then 2 weeks!

Ok, So the official first post for my blog. -

So today I am/was in a totally crazy good mood. I don't know why. I just woke up like that. (it soooo didn't help that I had coffee!) So I go to work, come back from work, jam out to some crazy hardcore metal, go back to work, and come home again. That's when I deciced, hell, I am bored, lets make a blog!

And so that brings me here.

Yea I know, you were hoping for some crazy exciting event that I felt MUST be shared to the world and thats why I started blogging.

Well you were wrong.

Cuz my world doesn't work like that. My world is a bit different. I am a bit different.

This blog is for the furry-bisexual-slightly-dyslexic-worst-luck-ever-wolf that is me. So I hope you enjoy following me and my blog. I am sure you will have a fun time laughing at me. I sure do:)

Just keep in mind, I am not a internet guru. What you see here before you is like an hour of playing around in the settings and it still sucks lol. I might make it better, or get my blog buddy to help me with it <3