Friday, January 8, 2010

Katsup! Ketchup! Catch Up!

*facedesk* There is soooo many things I haven't told you guys because I haven't posted in so long. There was the wreck (get to that in a bit), T-cat, the holidays, new years....OIY!

So here is an episode of a soap opera called "My life":

Last time I posted I said T-cat was out the door. Well I did break up with him shortly after. It was a rough breakup, he accused me of seeing someone else (which I wasn't just to be clear here) and we argued quite a bit that night. That was on a Thursday I think. Well Friday we didn't communicate and I was thinking it was done and over. Yea it hurt like hell but I did it. Oh if only that was the case. Nothing can be simple in a soap can it now?

Saturday night, the first sat night I didn't have anything to do, I put on a movie and made some popcorn. Well 7:30 or so rolls around and I get a text from T-cat. "Spunky misses you" (spunky is the his cat). Seeing as I highly doubt the cat told him to send that, we all know what that translates to: I miss you. I told him to pet her for me. Then he texted "I don't expect a yes but if your not busy, you want to come over and do something?" I said sure, why the hell not. We decided to go to one of his friends house to go play pool. To say the least it didn't end well. Seems he still had feelings for me and he got a little jealous at the other guys there. He started getting all moody. When I asked what was wrong he just stated that I knew. I don't, hence why I am asking. I was completely clueless at why he was mad. He told me to leave so I said fine and a string of long cuss words and called him a bad name or two. I was on my way out when he grabbed my arm and said something back (the details are a bit iffy as I was pretty upset). Then I threw a punch at him.

Hey I am feisty, what did you expect from the main character of this soap?

We stared hitting each other until one of the guys broke us up and I left in a rage. I was speeding down the road and lost control of my car. I swerved and then over corrected. Going as fast as I was I hit the curb, my car went airborne, came down, went through a bush and stopped.

Where my car landed in the first yard. You can see the impact of how I went airborne then came down.

The bushes I hit.

I started the car back up (it had stalled) and try to move didn't budge. I jumped out and called T-cat on my cell. Not really necessary as he had heard the crash and was running down the street. I was scared and shaken up, but he helped me through it. The first thing he did was hug me and asked if I was okay. When I said yes and started saying how sorry he was. What a twist in the plot huh? Well the police came and talked to me. They gave me a ticket for "failure to control vehicle" after I told them about the dog. What dog you ask? The dog that saved me from a reckless driving charge. I am not going to elaborate. After such I got my car towed for a nice hefty fine of 60 bucks and T-cat slept at my house the rest of the night.

So we been back together since then. Its a really rocky relationship but I still care a lot about him. There is no way I can break up with him now. He is going to jail this Tuesday. And I know I complain about him a lot, but he has his good points and I am going to miss the ol' S.O.B. I can't stand him a lot of times but, well you know. Or maybe you don't, doesn't matter lol. When he goes he is going to be gone for quite awhile and we both know that I am not going to stick around. Its just like letting someone else break us up so no one gets hurt.

So the past month we have been togetherish and without a car.

My poor Civ-civ:
Scratches on fender, popped out turn light.

Where I hit the curb on the back tire. Ripped a hunk right outta it. The front was too gruesome to show. Lol, no I actually just never got a pick it of. It was pretty mangled tho.

The other side of the fender. Also missing the light and notice poor civ-civ's mirror dangle like a broken leg ;_;

All and all though, I feel so freaking lucky and counting the stars. I mean in so many ways this could have ended badly. What if I didn't crash there? I could have speed down to the main road, then lost control. I could have hit another car and injured someone else. The place I crashed though proved just how lucky I was that night. Where I hit the curb I could have got straight into the car parked not a few feet away. When I landed I could have rolled because I landed on a hill. Had that been a steeper hill, I am not sure I would be typing this now. My side view mirror up there. It hit a tree. Seriously I was that close to a tree. Four more inches and my car would of been totaled.

So far my car's injuries are:
Both signal units out- I found them at the crash site later, just need to tape/tie them back in.
Broken lights-Need to buy a bulb, but I already taped the hole over so water wont get in it. Won't pass inspection tho.
Messed up tires- I replaced the front back tire and have a spare on the front. I will get another as soon as I get the money.
Power steering has a leak-Got to take it to a shop.
Side mirror broke-Fixed with gorilla tape.

Thats all I know of. I need to take it to a shop when I get the money. Its not too bad though, it could have been worse. I got to go to court on the 26th and I am hope with fingers crossed that they just give me a slap on the wrist because I have it figured that they get a lot of young driver with over correction wrecks in there.

That episode over lol, the next show is a holiday special, which I will post hopefully today, I just need to upload some more pics.