Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ponyo is an adorable movie =)

So I am going to cover quite a bit here today, so grab your coffee and get comfy!

First off...A general rant that you do not have to agree with in any way:

The system is corrupt but in reality there is no other way it can be. I am talking about how the tickets/fines you pay to the courts go to the state. It seems to me that this system pushes the state to "encourage" giving out more tickets. In my opinion thats why they have the cop hideaways on the interstate and unmarked police cars patrolling around. If the sight of a police car slows you down, which is the most plausible senerio, then the job of the police is done. He slowed you down. He served the public by making you and the others around you safer. JOB WELL DONE! .....but nnoooooo...then they would be able to give you a ticket and they won't have money to pay for the roof repairs the elementary school needs. So they plop an unmarked car there so you speed by. You getting my point here? This is not the way it should be. But sadly it is. I saw a button at a store that sorta relates to this and I just ADORED it! It read:
"The world will be perfect when school have all the money they need, and the army has to have bake sales to pay for bombs"
And I could be all starry eyed and start a sentence like "In a perfect would it would be like yadadadada.." but we won't even go there.

OK thats done. NEXT!

You may be wondering if the honey thing worked out. No. It didn't. The first day went well, but by the evening of the second day I was soooo hungry...I started cheating a little. Food= comfort. Sorry. It just does lol.


So Mr.T-cat is out the door....well soon that is :x He is been a pain in the rear the past week. He's been "feeling down" this past week which translates to "being a grumpy slob who is impossible to have a decent conversation with without getting even more grumpy". Honest to goodness every.single.conversation ends with that awkward I-am-mad-but-we-aren't-arguing- silence. I still feel bad tho, but as his rude ass would say...I need to grow so hairy balls....and get it over with.


I am looking for a smart, sophisticated acting but is really spontaneous at heart, cuddly yet dominate, and works well under the sheets if you catch my drift kinda guy who is 22+ (I don't do younger men ...yeeck)....seen any around?? Cuz I don't think they exist lol

NEXT...actually...I think thats about it >.< That wasn't as long as I thought it was going to be.