Monday, November 2, 2009

Techno Ninja Here:

Hey guys. Halloween came and went. It had its ups and downs.

Friday: I got pulled over coming back from picking T-cat up from his poker night. I was pulling onto the main road (my tires skidded a little on the wet cement) and a cop pulled up behind me. He stay right on my bumper and then pulled right up next to me for a good six blocks. Finally he put his lights on and got me to the side. So he tells me what he stopped me for, but I will tell you in a bit just so you know how much overkill and ridiculous it became:::

So he tells us why he pulled us over.He asks for mine and T-cats identification and goes back to his patrol car. (T-cat had a few drinks and was sitting in the passenger seat just FYI). Then ANOTHER patrol car pulls up. After about 5 minutes the cop comes back and ask us a few questions. Then YET ANOTHER patrol car pulls up. The cop goes to talks to them as all 5 cops get out. The cop comes back to our car and asks us to step out. We do and they tell us to dump our pockets and we get frisked. Then we get pulled over away from my car and the cop asks to search my car **I said no. So he pulls out a police dog and sniffs my tires and such. He of course didn't find anything (duh) and gives me a ticket and lets us go on our way.

So lets look back and see what we have here: THREE patrol cars, FIVE cops, TWO friskings, and ONE drug dog. Why you ask? Did I rob a bank? Did I just get done with a drug deal? Was I speeding like a maniac? No. None of the above. Then what caused all this.....My tint.

Yes. My tint was illegally dark. Anywho I thought it was a bit of fucking overkill. I mean my tint was too dark so he felt the need to search for drugs? Ooookay. The funny part was when I was getting patted down by the female cop I heard on her radio that there was a breaking and entering going on. I thought to myself "Hmmm...maybe you should be there to help them stop that and leave the 18yo with the dark tint alone" buuuuut what do I know. Maybe illegal tint is higher on VA's most wanted list. Meh.

So yea. That was my Friday night (seriously it took like an hour and a half). Then Saturday rolled around. HALLOWEEN! I slept in til like 11 lol and then got up and took a shower so I could wear my ears and tail :)

Me and T-cat were planning on going to this heavy metal band's party, but the guy we were going with couldn't go so for a few hours we had no clue what we were going to do. But then I called my Aunt and we went up to her house to hang out and play pool. It was a lot of fun. We crashed there that night. Here are some pics:

I made the porch area all creepy with the rat and my skulls, then had it looking like my mom drove over somebody.

T-cat was a troll. He waited too long to get liquid latex so he was stuck with just painting it.

Here is their dog Coco being...well being Coco. She is a goof sometimes.

**KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! If you get pulled over and the cop asks to search your car, say no. Unless he has probable cause (i.e he sees a crack pipe in your back seat) or he has your consent he can't search. If you say yes, he can search and use anything he finds against you in court (an old beer can in the back seat for example). **Also remember that even if you do give the cop permission to search, you don't have to open any locked compartments, even if they ask you to. By VA law they have to have a warrant to get into any locked compartments like your glovebox, trunk, under your hood, if you have a locked tool box, anything that requires a key to open. The reason he was allowed to sniff was technically I was parked on a public street and he wasn't doing anything directly to my property.

That's all folks! Hope you had a HOWLING GOOD WEEKEND!

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  1. *cough* Did I not just mention that to you last weekend?!?


    Seriously? For fuck's sake. OMG. Talk about sterotyping.

    GAH! So frustrated for you. How much is the ticket going to be?

    ANYWAYS, your decorations look awesome. The bodyparts in the wheelwell is SO freaky. My eyes didn't want to look at it long, even though I know it's fake. And is that THE rat. Please give him my regards.

    And, ummmmmm, pictures of you?!